Real Advice for Your Troubled Bird

  • Bird behavior consultant and avian author, Nikki Moustaki, offers phone consultations to help your loud, noisy, biting, or frustrated bird. Have bird issues? Nikki is here to help! She is the author of 24 books on birds, including Parrots for Dummies and Your Outta Control Bird, and writes for Bird Talk Magazine, Birds USA, and Pet Product News, among others.

    Click on the PayPal button below to pay for a consultation about your bird, which includes a follow-up phone call, email contact with Nikki about your bird, and a behavioral protocol to help improve your bird's issues.

    Due to the large volume of questions and requests that Nikki receives, she can only reply to people who have paid for an email, phone, or in-person consultation. Other email questions about bird issues or behavior will not be answered due to time constraints.

    If you'd like to email Nikki Moustaki for a speaking engagement, author signing, book reading, or as a bird expert source, please email here.

    All paid consultations include follow up emails and phone calls regarding the same issue.

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  • Here are some entertaining Parrotpodcasts from past years. Stand by for more recent Parrotpodcasts from Nikki Moustaki. Enjoy!

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  • I'm a mentor for teens writing poetry at Power Poetry. If you have a young Shakespeare in your midst, have them check it out.