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Hey, thanks for this great article it helped me a lot with my CAG , i just have one question : is it okay to keep my parrot in an air conditioned room ? because recently it got very hot and my parrot spreads his wings when he is sitting. please, any advice would be appreciated.

I have a 10 year old congo african grey that was giving to me to me two months ago. We have a wonderful bound already. My concern is she will only eat human food. The lady who gave her to me only fed her human food. Ive tried to feed her different types of pellets and she tried them at first but she wont eat them now. She had also plucked all her feathers except the ones on her head. She was this way when I vot her. She had even chewed all of her wing feathers. They grow in but she wants to over preen herself. The previous owner said she noticed her plucking after she had her baby and thinks that now she doesn't get all the attention any more. What can the problem be? Can it be from only eating human food? Like I said earlier, the bird was fine and eating human food all its life until the lady before who had her had a baby. And this is what the lady had said to me. The bird was free also with no hesitation, maybe theres more to it than I was told. Im now the second owner of the bird.

Pepito was my loving african grey. He died
when he was about 4 yrs. old. Veterinary told me he thought he had an hepatic desease. Now I bouught another one and am
afraid he will die. Can you tell me how can
I avoid this new bird to have problem with his liver? Astrid Capllonch

My E-mail is tatobastridc@hotmail.com

Can you take the wild out of 10 year old african parrot ?

Can you offer 5htp to grey in its food

My toddler grand daughter stuck her hand up to my african greys cage and the bird did bite her this was the second bite the first time there was no mark this time there was so the mother took the baby to the doctor to have her checked for rabies along with a list of other diseases so my question is do they carry any thing that would hurt a child from a bite i dont think so but just asking

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