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Thanks for this Nikkister -Riki s consistent buddy -across the years of poetry learning and farming before contemporary flowering. I love the comradeship as well as the sexual -albeit platonic relationship you maintained since your twenties and arduous decades on the art you cherish so much to express and impact on life without glossing over the epicurean aspects. I least envy you but I desperately desire a helpmeet who’s either inured in poetry or could catalyse my creativity in all genre even at the expense of being marital. I love to witness such literary buddies exist just for functional artistic fraternity that will engender other things plus or minus libido energy flexing anywhere they are. Poetry affinity is a wonderful unfettered beautiful bonding then. Show me more of this...
Evidently I 'm most moved by Nikister 's resplendent memoir about the selfless and generous heart of the poetic Riki ...It's really enlightening not to covet everything that come one's way that way and to be wise to share from one's inner mind eye as Riki did to the homeless neighbour after a $3k literary prize. The great and memorable Alfred Nobel's action is still a laudable way shower till date-he said those who covet will be ashamed of the smallness of money if they were aware of the extent of the whole. The like of us are pleased to know via Nikki s reflections that Richard Blanco ,the next Inaugural Poet has compassion for the less privileged prior to the windfall from The White house and despite the tattoos he lionized on his strong shoulders like the 2012 Olympiads in the UK.
GBEMI TIJANI MST,11012013,16:13PM
...when Richard won the Agnes Starrett Lynch award for his first book of poems, he was awarded $3000. He decided to take 10% of it, $300.00, and drove downtown where he gave it to a homeless man. He said that he wouldn't feel right about taking the money unless he gave some back. That President Obama has chosen him to read honestly couldn't have happened to a nicer, more talented, genuine, and warm person.


What a great story-- and how lucky you two (and other compañeros) are to have found each other! A beautiful & inspiring friendship... May you continue to share your love, art, and journey(s!) for MANY years to come-- Gracias, y Namaste!

Suz in San Anto'

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