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Nikki we are so terribly sorry you lost your sweet Hope, and also for your pain you yourself went through but we're thankful you didn't have to have surgery.
Our hearts are sad at the loss of our sweet friend Spike but know he is flying free at the Bridge waiting for us to join him.
Keeping You In Healing Thoughts and Prayer,
Hugs and Frienship,
Lexi, Monnie and Mommy Pat


I am so sorry to hear of the news of the passings of Hope, Spike, and Mr. Rico. They all look like they were great pets, who had wonderful lives. I know they will live on in your hearts, minds, and memories. May peace come to you all who are grieving.

Nikki, I do believe there was a divine intervention in your case and am so thankful that you were healed. I believe it was a miracle in the works. Please take care of yourself and know that you are loved by many people and pets!

Love, Eleni


Nikki - We are so releived that you are doing a bit better. All of us are sending our love, warmth, well wishes, and puppy kisses across the miles to you. We are so sorry about the loss of your dear friend, Hope. She was a beautiful girl & a good friend to you. We know you miss her and there is a Hope-shaped place in your heart that is aching.

We are also sorry to read of the loss of your dear friends, Spike & Mr. Rice. They were sweet-looking dogs and they made the world a happier place.

We're sorry you had to be in such pain and if we could, we would be there by your side. Instead, we are there in spirt wrapping you in our love & friendship. You are so dear to all of us.

We love you, Nikki. So glad your back with Pepper & Pearl.

Love, Carol, Schnooks, Cinder, Sancho, Freckles, Tate, Luckie, Java, Mango, Mocha, Scruffles, Sprocket & bunnies

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