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Oh well. But, you never know, Pepper, attention may end up better than rule over the ship anyway.

Hi Pepper, Glad to hear you are having such a great journey. Of course schnauzers rule the world it is just that not everyone is yet aware of this fact. Give it time!!We would love to come to Paris as well but unfortunately we live in Australia and it is too far by boat and we certainly do not like the idea of spending time in the hold. Just not schnauzer like, is it?Anyway, we will keep reading your blog so keep writing.Pip and Holly your miniature schnauzer friends from the land down under.

Great blog, thanks. Reminds me of our QM2 crossings with our cat two years ago. His blog is http://sebastian-at-sea.blogspot.com/.Continued Bon Voyage!

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  • The international adventures of Pepper, an American Miniature Schnauzer, as he traveled from New York City to Paris (via Hamburg and Amsterdam) on Cunard's ocean liner, the Queen Mary 2.

    When I was 11 years old, my human, Nikki Moustaki, and celebrated our 10 year anniversary with the trip of a lifetime to Paris, via Cunard's luxury liner, the Queen Mary 2, quick stops in Hamburg and Amsterdam, and then on to Paris. It turned out to be a real adventure. And since I have no control over my wardrobe, NIkki insisted on dressing me like a girl. I did not approve of this whatsoever, but I am just a small dog with no opposable thumbs, so I can't dial a cell phone for help. I posted nearly every day to let all of my canine friends know what it was like to be an American Dog in Paris.

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