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This is so wonderful! We are currently traveling around the world but miss our dogs so much so we have decided that next April, we are going to take them with us to Europe and spend 1 year there. We are planning on taking the Queen Mary 2 because they are both medium sized dogs and would have to travel in the cargo of a plane. We are fairly certain that both of our dogs would freak out and don't want to do that to them. I am going through your whole site and reading through all the posts to find out what Pepper did because there aren't too many people taking their dogs overseas.

Thanks again for posting all of this information!

Hi Nikki, This entire story is really nice read.Thanks for sharing your dog's story.

- Mathew R.

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An American Dog In Paris

  • The international adventures of Pepper, an American Miniature Schnauzer, as he traveled from New York City to Paris (via Hamburg and Amsterdam) on Cunard's ocean liner, the Queen Mary 2.

    When I was 11 years old, my human, Nikki Moustaki, and celebrated our 10 year anniversary with the trip of a lifetime to Paris, via Cunard's luxury liner, the Queen Mary 2, quick stops in Hamburg and Amsterdam, and then on to Paris. It turned out to be a real adventure. And since I have no control over my wardrobe, NIkki insisted on dressing me like a girl. I did not approve of this whatsoever, but I am just a small dog with no opposable thumbs, so I can't dial a cell phone for help. I posted nearly every day to let all of my canine friends know what it was like to be an American Dog in Paris.

    All photos on this site are copyright Harald Franzen or Nikki Moustaki.

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  • Nikki Moustaki, MA, MFA, is a nationally known dog trainer, TV and radio personality, and animal expert who splits her time between New York City and Miami Beach. She is the author of 9 books on dogs and 25 books on birds and has been featured on national television and radio shows including CNN, NBC, ABC, BBC, and Howard Stern. More . . .